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Property Damage and Insurance Claims is all I do.
There are No Fees or Costs without Recovery.
Most times my fees are paid directly and separately by the insurance company when we win in Court. Which means none of your recovery is reduced to pay for attorney’s fees if we win your case in Court.
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Water Damage

Whether you realize it or not, water damage can be the costliest kind of damage to repair. Do not let yourself accept less than everything you are due under your policy.

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes can cause massive water damage because they are typically hidden and are not discovered until massive water damage has already occurred. It can be very expensive to repair water damaged property – and your insurance company knows it.

Roof Damage

Roof damage caused by excessive wind or hail may be covered by your wind storm policy. More often than not, roof replacement is necessary when the insurance company would merely like to replace a handful of shingles.


There are few perils as devastating to your home or business as a fire. We fight to get you everything you are legally entitled to under your policy.

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What matters?

Litigation Experience Matters

Throughout his career, David Gongora has been involved in the negotiation and prosecution of multi-million dollar commercial insurance disputes and fidelity bond claims, defense of international multi-million dollar fraud-based claims, defense of Carmack Amendment and Montreal Convention claims against carriers in Federal Court; complex litigation; and Civil Trials.

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  • Thank you David Gongora for everything you have done for me and my father.

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  • David did a very good job with my case. I never thought I would get this much.

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  • No podría haber resuelto sin el Dr. Gongora – Gracias!

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