About Us

Litigation experience matters

Throughout his career, David Gongora has been involved in the negotiation and prosecution of multi-million dollar commercial insurance disputes and fidelity bond claims, defense of international multi-million dollar fraud-based claims, defense of Carmack Amendment and Montreal Convention claims against carriers in Federal Court; complex litigation; and Civil Trials.

The Law Office of David Gongora, specializes in the prosecution of property damage insurance disputes from inception through final judgment.  The firm’s team and network of claim professionals allow for expedient resolution of complex property damage disputes to residential and commercial properties across the entire state of Florida.

Roof Damage

Roof damage caused by storms, wind, or hail may be covered by your policy. If you need a roof replacement and your insurer does not want to pay, call us.

Plumbing Failure

Leaky pipes, dishwasher and toilet overflows, underground broken pipes are expensive losses which require skill and experience to adequately estimate your loss – and your insurance company knows it. You are not alone.


There are few perils as devastating to your home or business as a fire. We fight to get you everything you are legally entitled to under your policy.


Mold damage is common when water damage exists and it is an item of damage which typically requires professional assistance to mitigate and preserve your claim. Let us help.