Roofing Storm Damage Insurance Claims Must-Do’s

Roofing Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Your roof is designed to withstand a lot but when it gets damaged, even slightly, such as after a summer storm, it can wreak havoc. If you believe your roof needs replacement or repair, here are the commandments for filing an insurance claim for roofing storm damage.

Pay attention when the Roofing Storm Damage leads to an interior Leak.

Damage to your shingles from hail can be difficult to spot.  Even seemingly insignificant damage can cause deterioration of the roof covering.  Over time, this may allow water to get under the roof covering and into your home. Always schedule a professional roof inspection after a hail storm.  Also, always schedule a roof inspection after a significant wind event which could bend or remove a few shingles.  Although you believe the damage is minimal at the time, it causes the underlayment of your roof to rapidly loose is efficacy and, if you wait, you may have prejudiced your insurance claim. 

Your roof may have sustained damage if your neighborhood has roofs being redone or if your neighbors have visible damage.  If your neighborhood roofs were damaged in a storm, there exists a good chance your roof was negatively affected by the Storm and repair or replacement may be necessary.  Again, if you wait, you may negatively impact your ability to have the repair or replacement of your storm damaged roof covered by your insurance claim. 

Do not forget, always have a professional roofer or roofing storm damage expert perform the inspection. Our office would be happy to refer you to a professional in your area.  Feel free to give us a call. 

Pay attention when the Roofing Storm Damage leads to an interior Leak.

Leaks are the worst part of roofing storm damage!  They can quickly grow to an insurmountable amount of damage and must be mitigated promptly.  As soon as you are able, have the affecting storm damaged roofing covered with a tarp until you can have the scope of the damage professionally evaluated.  Because our law firm devotes itself to property damage claims, we are equipped to assist you every step of the way.

Do not discard the insurance claim documents

Keep all claim correspondence, receipts, invoices, estimates, pictures, names of adjusters, and business cards of individuals that inspected the damage. This will help with a timeline in the event your roofing insurance claim becomes disputed.  Some insurance adjusters will write a check immediately after the assessment. Others may put the claim to review and then issue a check later.  Some others may deny the claim altogether.  In roofing insurance claims for storm damage, the rule to remember is simple – if you did not get paid enough, get professional assistance.  Our office is here to help and does not charge a dime unless and until we recover for you. 

With us, an experienced roofing storm damage attorney works with you to get the highest insurance claim payment to which you are entitled under your insurance policy.   If our office agrees to take on your case, we only get paid if and when we get you paid.  If your carrier paid you less than what you believe is adequate, let us know today!

Get professional help with your storm damage claim

Our attorneys and network of claim professionals can get you what you deserve with peace of mind.  We assist you from the inception of the claims process through a successful recovery.  Call us today toll-free at 844-6FIGHT-IT (844-634-4484)

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